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What Are Cash Offer Programs and Why You Should Consider Them


The traditional way of putting a home on the market isn’t always the best option for home sellers. A very compelling alternative is a cash offer program. These are an excellent choice for those looking for a faster and more convenient way to sell their home. A cash offer program brings a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • You don’t need to clean and fix up your house

  • You don’t have dozens of showings to strangers

  • You don’t need to worry about sale fails or delays

West Montana Homes has partnered with a nationwide investor. We will meet with you, discuss the full market value of your home, the closing date that works best for you, and any other terms. Our investor will provide you with a guaranteed acceptance of your offer within two business days. We’ll be glad to give you a closer look at the benefits, the process, and the advantages you can get through West Montana Homes’ Cash Offer program.


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A cash offer program is a service that allows home sellers to receive cash offers on their property. There are various types of cash offer programs available with very different terms.

It’s a very compelling option for many sellers for a number of reasons. It reduces the hassle and inconvenience during the selling process. You don’t have to fix up your house or clean it. You don’t have people parading through your home at all hours criticizing your furnishings and your taste. You can have your funds in a fraction of the time as you would with traditional sales.

Additionally, YOU are the one who sets the timeframe. Close when it is convenient to you. It eliminates the risk of the buyer’s financing falling through or other reasons for the sale to fall through at the last moment. With West Montana Homes cash offer program, it’s quick, it’s easy, and you can count on it.


If you want the easiest and most convenient way to get cash for your home, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and reliable team than West Montana Homes to assist you as you navigate the process.

West Montana Homes’ elite team of real estate experts prioritizes your safety and peace of mind. They will give you all the options you have to help you determine whether a cash offer is best for you. Then, they will go above and beyond to help you get top dollar for your property. They will walk you through the whole process so you know what to expect and when. You will have the information you need to make the best, most intelligent decisions for you and your family.

What is the value of your home in today’s market?

Following a brief consultation and walkthrough, West Montana Homes will provide a fair market analysis or valuation of your home in today’s market. A team member will discuss the terms of the cash offer and provide information on other available options. If you decide to proceed with the cash offer, an offer will be written for your home’s full market value immediately, which will be sent to the investor right then and there.

You can start by simply giving us a call or you can fill out this short form providing some basic information about your home, its condition, any special features or upgrades it has, and other things you consider important.

Is a cash offer for everyone?

Selling your house with a cash offer is no different than selling your car at a car lot. There is a convenience fee, or a wholesaler’s fee, for the investor to handle all the details and then resell the house.

Many cash offer companies make offers as much as 25%, 35%, and even 40% below fair market value. This is something you won’t need to worry about when you work with West Montana Homes. Our investor has the lowest convenience fee that we are aware of, and there are NO OTHER FEES tacked on.

You can select one of our other selling options

You may find that a cash offer is not in your best interest, or you may want to try something else first. You can put that cash offer in your back pocket and hold on to it. Check out one of several other options first to see what will work best for you.

For instance, you may choose some of West Montana Homes’ other exclusive alternatives:

  • Sapphire Listing Plan. The Sapphire Listing Plan is designed for clients who want to list their home for Top Dollar. With West Montana Homes’ exclusive marketing systems, especially target marketing techniques, houses often sell within the first two to three weeks, even in a highly competitive real estate market. If your home is not under contract quickly after it’s listed with the Sapphire Listing Plan, you’re free to accept that cash offer (there are actually three different listing plans so you can even choose the plan that best fits your needs).

  • Best Bidder. West Montana Homes offers what they call a Best Bidder event for qualified homes. This works like an open house on steroids, mixed with an auction. It takes place over a two-day period with potential buyers bidding on your home. Getting an acceptable offer through the Best Bidder event allows you to sell your home for the best possible price in a very quick period of time. In case you do not receive a suitable bid within two days, you always have the option to accept that cash offer or put the home on the market in a traditional manner.

  • Database Search. West Montana Homes’ research team will utilize their extensive database to match prospective buyers looking for a house like yours. If your home matches their needs and preferences, then you’ve got a sale. We will actually go out to find the buyer who is looking for exactly what you have to sell.

    Get cash for your home through West Montana Home’s Cash Offer program or one of their other specialty plans. Head to this page to get your free no-obligation offer for your property today!


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A more stress-free sale

There are a lot of moving parts to deal with when you put a home on the market. You’ll have to prep your home for viewings, take quality photos, show the house over and over and wait for offers to come in. Most sellers then need to negotiate an acceptable offer and sometimes that will not work and they may have to start over with a new buyer.

Not only is this part of the selling process time-consuming, but it can be costly as well, especially if you consider expenses like hiring a professional home stager and photographer, taking time off work and all the hassle that goes along with it. With a cash offer, you no longer need to go through all of that, which makes it an easy and more affordable choice.

Your sale will not be dependent on any external sources like lenders or banks, so there’s no need to worry about financing approvals, contingencies, and mortgages like in a conventional real estate transaction. No need for inspections and repairs. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about additional negotiations or the sale falling through at the last minute. If your home isn’t in tiptop condition, completing repairs can take a significant chunk of money and time. In fact, a buyer may find something you don’t even know about and it could be a huge expense to you. With a cash offer, the home is sold as is.

While you still need to disclose damages or structural issues that you are aware of, you won’t have to worry about what you will be able to put in your pocket at closing.

Quicker closing process

Selling a house using the traditional route can take anywhere from two to six or eight or nine months. The home selling process is often a tedious and time-consuming procedure involving lots of paperwork and many major decisions.

Accepting a cash offer is one way to fast-track the closing process, ensuring a faster transaction. With a cash offer, mortgage applications, home inspections, and other steps involved in the traditional home selling process are no longer required, creating a more straightforward path between contract signing and transferring the title to the homebuyer.

Additionally, you’ll be able to bypass lengthy processing times or denials which are common when lenders are involved.

Reduced risk

Accepting a cash offer guarantees less risk compared to selling a home using the conventional route. There is no buyer’s remorse so you don’t need to worry about a buyer backing out of the deal. Our investor will pay cash for your home – you will see a proof of funds verification at the time the offer is accepted, so you don’t need to worry about everything falling apart because the buyer does not qualify for financing. It takes less time for a cash offer to close, so there’s less risk of something unexpected happening that can cause a sale fail.

Additionally, accepting a cash offer means you don’t need to worry about fulfilling certain requirements or profit management guidelines required by some loan programs. This is a major advantage for sellers who want to avoid any issues.


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There are differences between cash offer programs, but many of the steps involved are generally the same. Though they may look the same, BEWARE of the small print! Make sure you understand the terms and the process completely before you decide on a cash offer program.

How can you successfully navigate the cash offer process and get cash for your home?

Here’s some insight on the key steps that will help pave the way to a seamless and stress-free transaction for your home.

Determine your home’s value

The first step is to find out how much your home is worth. Your Realtor can assist you with this by completing a comparative market analysis (CMA), which provides an overview of how much similar houses in your area are being listed or sold for. Although the CMA will not provide a conclusive value, it can be an excellent starting point when deciding how to price your home. Our investor will pay for a professional appraisal to help you determine your home’s value so there are no surprises for anyone at the last minute.

Evaluate the offer and terms

Carefully assess all cash offers and terms you receive. The purchase agreement or written offer from the buyer should contain key details like the sale price, closing date and contingencies. Our investor will provide a proof of funds document to show that he’s financially capable of buying the house.

When you’re reviewing offers, don’t focus solely on the purchase price. The terms offered vary from cash offer to cash offer, so remember to read the fine print to see if the buyer requests any steps. For example, some might waive the home inspection but offer a lower price to reduce the risk of uncovering major issues with the home.

Others may have additional fees for services. You don’t want to be surprised at these when you get to the closing table.

You won’t go wrong with West Montana Homes and their exclusive investor. Sell your home fast for cash with a competitive fee structure by getting in touch with West Montana Homes today!

Clear title

Problems with the title can delay the closing. Whether the buyer takes out a mortgage or pays all cash, a title search is required before the sale is closed. A second mortgage, unpaid taxes, and liens for previous work done on the home are some of the most common defects that appear in titles. These will need to be cleared so the sale can move forward. To prevent being caught off-guard by title defects, we request a preliminary title report immediately upon accepting the offer so we can make sure there are no surprises at closing.

Review and sign closing documents

You’ll need to sign the same documents required in a traditional home sale such as the deed, property disclosures, and a settlement statement. When the title company files these signed documents, this will mark the official transfer of your property to the buyer. We will review all these documents with you well before closing to make sure everything is in order.

Beware of scams

Remember to watch out for scams when you’re reviewing cash offers. Fraudulent practices are common in real estate, and while there are many trustworthy cash buyers, there are some who are unethical.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid scams when accepting a cash offer.

  • Always request references and proof of funds

  • Be sure you are working with credible, trustworthy people

  • Use only wire instructions provided by the title company

  • Be wary of any buyers or agents who refuse to communicate, are not easily available, or act in an unprofessional manner

  • Rely on your instincts


Whether you decide to go with a cash offer or one of the other flexible programs West Montana Homes offers exclusively, you will be assured that you are making the best decision for yourself.

Talk to us about your goals by calling 406.777.0710 or send us an email. If you have questions, you can leave a message here and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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