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Hungry Horse

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Photo: Troy Smith, Flickr

Hidden away in the picturesque Flathead Valley, Hungry Horse, Montana is a peaceful little community nestled in the midst of majestic mountains and stunning forests. With a population of just over 890 people, the town is small and close-knit, but its natural beauty and friendly locals make for an incredibly charming getaway spot.

The area is rich in history, having been home to the Kootenai and Kalispell Native American tribes for more than 10,000 years. The small community of Hungry Horse stands as a reminder of the once thriving logging industry, with its small-town charm still very much intact.

The surrounding area is full of beauty and adventure. Nearby is Flathead National Forest, which is home to several lakes and rivers, and is the perfect spot for hiking, camping, and fishing. Hungry Horse Dam is also nearby on Flathead River and is known for its excellent trout fishing and boating.

Hungry Horse is also close to some of Montana's most iconic attractions, including Glacier National Park, Whitefish Mountain Resort, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness, making it the ideal home base for all kinds of outdoor recreation.

From its rich history and breathtaking scenery to its friendly locals and wealth of outdoor activities, Hungry Horse, Montana is truly a hidden gem. With its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, it's easy to see why this small town has become a favorite destination.

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