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Vinda MillessBroker Owner

Over 30 years ago when I first became a Realtor, my husband walked into the dining room one day and observed that I was deep in thought. He asked me what I was so concerned about. I told him that over the years, we had come across some good Realtors, some bad Realtors, and a number of Realtors that were “doing a job.” What kind of Realtor was I going to make? He asked me what I liked about the good Realtors and I had quite a list for him – they followed up, they weren’t afraid to say they didn’t know something but they would find the answer, they were more concerned about the person than they were the sale and the list went on. He then asked me what I disliked about the bad ones. Again, I had quite a list. After quietly listening to me for quite some time, he said, “Well, it sounds to me as though you’ve answered your own question.” He turned on his heel and left. I actually got a little peeved at his response. I thought he hadn’t helped me in the least. But to this day, when something comes up, I ask myself: What would I like a Realtor to do if they were helping me. And that’s the course I take and it’s never let me down.

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