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Historic Anaconda 

Established in 1883

Anaconda was founded by Marcus Daly, one of the Copper Kings, who financed the construction of the Anaconda smelter on nearby Warm Springs Creek to process copper ore from the Butte mines. In June 1883, Daly filed for a town plat for "Copperopolis", but that name was already used by another mining town in Meagher County. Instead, Daly accepted the name "Anaconda", suggested by the United States postmaster of the time, Clinton Moore.

 The City was conceived, drawn up, built and populated with thousands of eager workers and their families in about two years.  Nearly every person worked for the smelter, or for businesses that served the many other needs of the smeltermen and their families.  In this way, one social history of Anaconda is a story of how many different ethnic groups lived and worked together, largely for towards a similar goal.

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